Monday, January 19, 2009

Something you haven't seen

I thought I might share with you something that you won't see in my shop. This is a piece I made in 2006 during my studies. 'The Ball' was a concept sample that was used to build on an idea and some techniques for my exhibition work (at this stage I was planning on completing my course and exhibiting in 2007, it quickly became apparent that completing my studies and exhibiting in the same year that I had my first baby was perhaps a little over amitious).

The brief we were given was to make a container, my theme for my work was repitition. One of my personal ambitions was to really stretch myself technically, focussing on problem solving and contruction methods. The inspiration for this piece was actually the old Paper Tolle 'Holly Hobby' cards I used to make with my older sister.

My paper tolle inspired ball would be made of silver discs, each layer would be spaced from the previous and the result would be a three dimensional object. The spacers would be both functional and a feature; the piece although being a container would essentially be see through. The construction although robust would give the piece a very fragile, sheer appearance. Being hollow you would be able to keep something inside, but it would be a thinly veiled secret as glimpses of it would show through.

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