Sunday, May 31, 2009

A quinella of treasuries

Sometimes you can go for days or even weeks without having an item featured in a treasury. Today I am fortunate to be featured in not one, but five!

My Eclipse Earrings are in Hot Sizzling Nights by walrustusk

My Black Seed Pod Earrings are in a greener side of dust by plusonedesign

They are also in Hoo Boy by Studio Elan

My Cherry Drops Earrings are in you are looking fine today by ileaiye

And last but not least, my Gooseberry Pendant is in Contemplatability by drdjc

Thanks to all those who featured my work, it has given me a real buzz.


  1. Congratulations! 5 treasuries in one day is pretty good going.

  2. Fabulous - lucky you!
    Gorgeous treasuries.

  3. Some people get all the luck. I must say that I have only ever been in treasuries twice that I know of. What is your secret...

  4. WOW 5 what a great day for you. Enjoy the glory :)