Friday, September 11, 2009

Four seasons in one day...

Perhaps the very first 'wearable' piece of jewellery I made when I was studying is my "Winter Moon" pendant.

The winter moon pendant was hand carved in wax and cast using the lost wax method. Later in 2006 I made a matching ring which was sold at a fund raising auction for our graduate exhibition. My friend Tamara was noticed admiring the ring at the South Melbourne Market, and the wearer told her the story of how she bought it at auction and her name means tree. Tam laughed and said "my friend Erika made it!".

I have kept the winter moon pendant and always receive compliments when I wear it. Earlier this year I decided to build upon this concept making a range of seasonal jewelery based on winter moon.

First cabs off the rank are another winter moon pendant, and spring blossom ring featuring a rubellite blossom. I have purchased a number of tiny leaf shaped garnets for autumn leaves and leaf shaped sapphires for summer leaves. I also have a nice collection of tiny round tourmaline 'blossoms' for a spring pendant.

Sadly I no longer have access to casting equipment, so these will have to be professionally cast. I am hoping to have the first two done in the coming months.


  1. OOOOO this little bunny wants one!

  2. They look like they will be stunning - make sure you let us know when they are available!!

  3. Ooh, this range is going to be great. I love the pendant.