Friday, August 13, 2010

Mini Masterchef

I got a call from Daycare the other day saying that as of next week they want to move my son to the pre-kinder room. While we were talking the carer mentioned that he had invited everyone to the blue house (our house) and when asked what they would do there he replied "Bake cookies".

Most fridays I bake something with my son, often it is for a playdate, but other times it's just because. I figure by making our own cookies I have more control over ingredients, additives (the dreaded numbers) and can hide other healthy bits and pieces in them too. And aside from all that, it's a fun activity for both of us!

Today we made oat and coconut crisps. We decided to be a bit decadent and put a dark chocolate bud on each one.

The end result, ok they look like eggs! But they taste delicious!


  1. Beautiful photos! He's a doll and it's great you make cookies together. He'll be so comfy in the kitchen, able to cook for himself when he's older. Yea for you!