Monday, February 23, 2009

Where it all started

I think we all have one of those places that speaks to us, keeps calling us back, despite the fact that there are so many places on our "must travel here" list. For us it is Broome in Western Australia.

We first traveled there in 2003, we flew to Darwin (another place I really want to get back to) and hired a car and drove across. The top end of Australia is truely a beautiful place, and very inspiring for an artist.

And it was in Broome that I decided to get professional training in Jewellery making, and I have never looked back. While I am currently content in my day job (this was not the case in 2003) making jewellery is something I am truely passionate about.

The main street is awash with jewellers and another of my great passions - South Sea Pearls! We were discussing with a lovely shop assistant the possibility of getting a custom designed pendant with a champagne pearl and champagne diamond. We left the shop to go for a walk and discuss and my then boyfriend (now husband) looked at me in all seriousness and said "I reckon you could make it yourself".

We were also intrigued by the fact that they have jewellers fly in for the high season and had grand plans of spending a winter in Broome as a resident jeweller.

Five and a half years later I have not yet made my champagne pearl/diamond pendant. I did however make our wedding rings in 2005 and I also have a half made eternity ring! And last year I purchased 5 champagne diamonds which will some day be a very special piece of jewellery just for me.

We went back to Broome for 2 weeks last year, just before our sons first birthday. We had a fabulous relaxing time and it revitalised our desire for our winter in Broome. And with sunsets like this is there any wonder....

...yep Broome matches our son's hair perfectly!

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  1. That photo is absolutely gorgeous Erika! Your son has the same hair colour as me....he's just too cute!