Saturday, June 13, 2009

Incubation Preparation

This coming Friday 19th June Incalesco Jewellery will be taking up residence at in.cube8r gallery in Fitzroy. You setup and display your items in any way you like, rather than spending an exorbitant amount of money on commercial jewellery build ups and hangers I have decided to make my own. This is also very much in keeping with the handmade nature of my work.

It is freezing in Melbourne right now so I had to borrow the Hubby's flannel and go raid the woodshed. I have selected a lovely branch of the approximate diameter I was after. After clamping the branch in the vice I was able to quickly saw of a number of slices of varying height.

The next step is to mock up the arrangement that I will use in the 40cm cube to work out how I would like to lay everything out and which pieces I want to include.

Jewellery displays sorted so now I can concentrate on finishing off some pieces and taking care of some of the business admin side of things.

If you are in Melbourne be sure to drop in and see all the lovely goodies:

in.cube8r gallery
321 smith street
fitzroy VIC 3065
(near johnston st)


  1. Great displays. You look cosy in hubs flanny.

  2. Erika, those look completely awesome!!!

    I visited the Reverse Garbage store here in Brissie to get some stuff for my market stall - no way am I paying for those commercial displays...

  3. Oh it's going to look so great Erika!!

  4. Good idea to make your own and they look great too!

  5. yey, Ive been meaning to pop in, now you've given me the perfect excuse. you display looks great, I love the use of all natural elements instead of shop displays too. well done.

  6. thats awesome!!! all the best with it!

  7. Ur displays are awesome! They go really well with ur jewellery too, give some texture, but not too distracting.

    Well, done and good luck with ur cube!:)

  8. I am very keen to know how you go at incub8... your jewels are very fine indeed. I jsut gave you a blog award!