Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mokume Mead

Last week I showed you a ring that I was working on, featuring mokume gane and silver sleeved shank with an oval cut brazilian fire opal. This weekend I have continued on with that and it is now completed.

I had left of with the ring assembled, the next steps were to:
  • cut out the section of shank below the setting
  • file away excess solder and emery
  • apply 925 stamp to the shank
  • polish and clean
  • finally set the stone and tidy up

The finished result, I think the 1.248 carat brazilian fire opal picks up the colouration of the mokume gane perfectly.

This ring will be available later this week in my cube it will be replacing the Spearmint Swirl ring that sold on Friday.


  1. Great stuff, it's been really interesting to follow the story of this piece!

  2. That ring is AMAZING! I'm sure it will sell very fast.

  3. It has turned out beautifully.
    An absolutely gorgeous ring!

  4. Stunning! I think you chose the perfect stone for that ring.

  5. ooh!! i love seeing your work in progress...this looks gorgeous!!