Thursday, November 26, 2009

A moment in time....

The countdown is on until we have our second child. There seems to be so much to do and so little time. I do wonder constantly about the impact that this will have on our son (currently 2yrs and 3months) and also my relationship with him.

Last night, he lifted my top to look at my tummy, pointed and said "baby girl in there". (Note we have not found out the sex of the new baby, but Mr2 just seems very set on this 'fact'). He gave my belly a kiss then said "Night, night. I love you!" while waving to his little sibling.

I think I have been grinning all day at the thought of it. Little children can say and do the most beautiful things! I think we're going to be just fine ;)


  1. oh how sweet, i think you will be fine. In my experience just making him aware of the fact that no matter how many more children that may come along, he is still loved and special.
    Get him involved with bub such as helping with changing for my boys and makes them feel important!

  2. Oh, he is adorable! That's lovely that he already has a connection with your new baby. :)

  3. Oh wow, that is beautiful!! And he's just gorgeous!

  4. *big big smile*

    What a beautiful post!

  5. That's so adorable :) I wonder if he is right about the baby being a girl.

  6. Happy Etsy-versary Erica - yay for us.....
    My kids are 2yr9mths apart and get on like a house of fire.....most of the will be fine