Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This friday will mark 3 years since we purchased our house at auction. On the day it was about 42 degrees celcius and we had only found out that morning that I was pregnant with our first baby.

I love our house and our garden, so now is a great time to show off one of our most recent additions to our garden.

We ordered our Daylilies online when we got back from our holiday in August. They arrived with their heads chopped off wrapped in damp newspaper.

We planted them that weekend, and by the next weekend new green tips were showing through.

They quickly grew up into nice green leafy plants, but having planted them so close to the flowering season I had thought we may have missed flowering this year.

However we have been pleasently surprised to find that for all but two of the varieties they have gotten in early enough to flower.

They are probably a little shorter this year, and the blooms are a little few and far between. But we have been very happy with the new additions to our garden, and there are still two close to flowering that we haven't seen yet.

As I have mentioned before my garden is a great source of inspiration for me, and this weekend I will begin work on a new daisy inspired enamel range. So as always... Watch this space!

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