Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot and bothered...

I am not normally one to feel the heat, in fact I normally tell people I was a lizard in a past life, I love to bask in sunbeams! But this past weekend has pushed even me to the limit, we have had a number of 'stinking' hot days in a row... and a broken down air conditioner!

So now I join the Melbourne masses, eagerly awaiting the elusive cool change...

And while I wait I have been browsing Etsy for some cooling aussie listings by the talented artists of the Down Under Street Team (DUST). Here are some cooling items that have caught my eye today:

shore necklace - amazonite and silver by wing by sea

Soul of the Sea Wall Hanging by Bibliphilia

Ocean Breeze - Vintage Lucite and Vintaj Brass Earrings by michvanetta

Starfish bright soap by Splash Giggle

Summer time Triple Stack of Resin Bangles by bobishi

To find more items by the members of DUST search for 'dust_team'


  1. Lovely picks! Especially the bangles.

  2. what a lovely, refreshing selection, thanks for including my soul of the sea

  3. Thank you for featuring my necklace! I love the wall hanging - wow!

  4. I love your picks - I'm feeling much cooler already.

    Thanks so much for including my earrings :)

  5. Oh nice post - lovely items: I want the wall hanging!

  6. OH I like! hehe thanks for including my bangles:)