Friday, October 15, 2010

Salvage Operation

Things don't always go to plan, sometimes they melt or collapse or just aren't quite right.

Last year I was working on a ring with a princess cut amethyst, everything was going perfectly... until... late in the afternoon in a rush to get finished I was too impatient and cracked the stone while trying get it to drop into the setting.

Yes we have these setbacks, and while it is very disappointing, all is not lost. If you can still salvage the piece it is a wonderful thing. In this case the ring and setting were fine, so it was just a matter of waiting until I bought new stones and trying to source another stone to fit.

Fast forward to a year later and I had cause to place an order for gemstones. Luckily I remembered to check the princess cut stones of aproximately 5mm square.

So finally... the Knife Edge Ring gets to see the light of day, with a lovely princess cut peridot.


  1. A lot of work and patience applied to something so simple and elegant. What a delicious green. This is really beautiful.

  2. Wow! Thats my birth stone. Its gorgeous!