Friday, January 7, 2011

Time and Energy

My jewellery has been very much neglected of late. I rarely have the time to work on jewellery, and if I do have some time, I NEVER have the energy.

Today is one of those rare days where all the elements aligned...

I had some inspiration, I have been working on the designs for these two pieces for a while so I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve and how I planned on doing it. Having a plan is great as no time is wasted, and by tag teaming two pieces I can spend every moment being productive.

More uncommonly, I had time! Fridays are normally a flurry of activity with play dates and errands, however today was a free day. Miss 10 months had a nice long sleep in mum and dad's bed (I don't know why but this little lady has the best sleeps in a queen sized bed). And my hubby had the day off too so he was about to keep Mr 3 busy.

And most rare of all, I had some energy! Just some mind you, once the afternoon heat really kicked in I had to call it a day, which is why these are works in progress rather than completed pieces. But I think seeing them come together will give me the energy to continue on.

I have a whole stash of stones ready and waiting, I hope this momentum continues ;)


  1. I hope this momentum continues ;)

  2. These stones are sooooo beautiful! and this baby is cute!!

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  5. My little girl also sleeps best in a queen-sized bed! On a really, really good day.... both of my kids (now 4 and 2) take good naps at the same time!