Sunday, October 11, 2009

Peppermint Crisp - A new work in progress

I had a couple of setbacks this weekend which has resulted in me putting aside the pieces I was currently working on and starting a brand new one. I generally like to have a few pieces on the go, but hopefully I may get to finish something before I start anything else!

The topaz pendant I had planned to work on this weekend will hopefully get back in motion next weekend, after I pick up some more silver. The piece I had planned to use was not quite big enough. Sadly the sqaure cut amethyst that was to go in the knife edge ring met an unfortunate end, I will need to put that one on hold until I order some new stones.

So on to the new piece! This one had a name from the moment I started, inspired by the gorgeous octagon cut 1 carat green tourmaline I am using.

It reminds me of those crispy mint pieces you get in some chocolate bars, mmm chocolate...

This one will be paired with a nice solid sterling silver ring with champhered edges reflecting the cut of the stone.

It will be set in a nice little basket which I am yet to make.


  1. This will be a lovely ring! You have such great stones.

  2. Your talent for jewellery making is amazing - beautiful ring, even at this stage of half done :D