Friday, October 23, 2009

Supplies Shopping

Today I have gotten organised, I arranged with my in-laws to come and mind Mr 2 so that I could duck out for a couple of hours to the city where all the supplies shops are. This means I have been able to stock up on a few bits and pieces, some that have been on the shopping list for quite a while.

I have been altering some jewellery for a friend who would like some enamelled features. I do not have a kiln at home but have been waiting to get into the city and investigate enamel that can be torch fired. I was lucky that my regular supplies shop has in fact just got in some American Thompson enamel that is lead free and can be torch fired.

I will do some experiments first before I attack my friends jewellery, but I hope to have some test pieces to show you soon. I also got a nifty tripod, as when you torch fire enamel you have to heat from below. I have just got one colour to play with now, I'll see how much I enjoy torch firing before I race out and get any more colours.

I have also stocked up on some more Sterling Silver. This time coming home with 1mm plate, 0.6mm plate and 3mm round wire.

I checked out some of the things on my wish list too, unfortunately none of them were on super duper 75% off sale or anything that exciting. And none of them came in at under $280 so they all remain wishes for now ;)

I got home to find that Mr 2 was sound asleep, Nanna must have the magic touch ;) or Pa wore him out! Anyway, on that happy note I whipped up a pear and fig loaf which smells like it is almost cooked.... Mmmmmmmmm


  1. Sounds like you had a great day - I am interested to see your new creations - this kind of art is all new to me - hope you enjoyed your pear and fig loaf...mmmmmmmmmmmm definitely :)

  2. can't wait to see the torch fired enamels!!!! best of luck with this venture.