Saturday, June 12, 2010

Autumn inspiration

Ok, so technically it is winter now, but our beautiful little Japanese Maple in the backyard is still wearing it's autumn colours with pride.

It just looks so bright and happy, I never tire of looking at it.

To top it off it was a beautiful sunny day, and my mokume gane & fire opal ring is on its way to a new home in the USA.

And finally I got to spend a little time in the workshop. My peppermint crisp ring is very close to completion, I just need to finish the setting and then set the ring and polish it up. Here's a sneak peak with the stone just sitting in the incomplete setting.

My head is full of ideas for some new pieces, must get them into my sketch book as my baby brain means that those idea may float off to the ether again! Hopefully I will get a bit more time this weekend to do some more.


  1. Just lovely, can't wait to see some of your new pieces!! xoxo

  2. beautiful photos....can't wait to see the new ring finished :)